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Frost Bite Radio Future


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Here you can find images from FBRF and links to cool pages supporting FBRF. Please note that these shots are not necessarily images of the final product.


Screenshot of the new Garage.


For everyone out there with a wide screen ;)


Another screenshot of the new Garage.


A teaser pic, with a lot of characters shadowed.


YAY Beat figurine from eBay! ^-^

Links and whatnot:

Frostbite Studios - The company making this game!

Crazy Studios Inc. - Fellow company and big supporter of this game!

Halo2wa - Video game reviews for you're everyday life!

NG audio portal - Great rescource for royalty-free music by independant artists!

Frost Bite Radio Future is copyright (c) 2006 Frostbite Studios; Nick Emard.
Original games Jet Grind Radio and Jet Set Radio Future are copyright (c) Sega Corporation.