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Frequently Asked Questions

A random dumping space for all of our goodies out there on the web. Enjoy.

"The Time... Guys" theme song: My friend Adam at Adam's Universe is making a new series by this name and asked me to do the theme song for it, which is the song you will hear if you click this link.

Free The Icily Polite/KrispyKon singles and EPs: Click here to view The Icily Polite's/KrispyKon's discography page of their site, which includes a fair share of free downloadable music.

Colouring Book: I made this for a friend for fun and decided to have it up for free download as a bunch of scanned pictures in a zipped folder.

"Give Me KnoxKast or Give Me Death" (mp3) A song made in protest for the final episode of Robert Benfer and Jason Steele's podcast "Knoxkast Radio" by KrispyKon under the moniker "The Snazztastics"

"Here's an Egg" instrument samples: Every Easter I have a contest that revolves around this video I made called "Here's an Egg" (go YouTube it.) In 2009, the contest was to remix the song in the video with the provided samples in this .zip folder.

"Fusion Extrustion" (mp3) A medley of KrispyKon tracks, mixed by Adam's Universe.

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Five years and counting!