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Note: This web site is for browsing purposes only. To make a purchase (which we hope you do!) please come down to the nearest Funky Shop!
Note 2: We have added our multimedia items seperately at the bottom of the page!

Booster Packs
Our available booster packs include:
$.25 each!


-Birth of the Creator Promo Pack (Series 1 or 2)
-Dude starter deck
-Dr. Weishenschneider starter deck
-Help promo pack... All sales go to tsunami victims!
-Gizmo armed man box
-Flower fairy box
-Networks website launch promo pack
-Cooler starter deck
-Vikki starter deck
-Filth starter deck
-Swingnangchoknian Imports promo pack


Below are our available comics:
1) The Beginning
2) Victory!
3) The Funk Rogues!
4) Truth
5) Pure Evil
6) Pure Evil Pt. 2
7) New Kid
8) New Kid Pt. 2
9) Sewer Rat
10) Back-Alley Dealings
11) Dark Alliance
12) The Silver Leg
13) The Real Funk Rogues
14) First Encounter
15) Hostile Hospital NEW!
$.25 each


Haunted Hotel
When Dude, Vikki and Cooler get locked inside a creepy hotel with a bunch of ghostlike concierges and maids, they have no choice but to hold their own. Play as Dude and try to figure out the mystery of Haunt's Hotel, with plenty of Funky Fights, explorable environments and secret passages along the way!
Price: $2.00

Click here to play the demo!


Homework Peril
This is, by far, one of the best FBS video games to date! YOU play as Dude, and go throughout a school day; choose-your-own-adventure, RPG style! Along the way you will encounter many obstacles, such as aa challenge from Rokky, a unfinished science report due Last Period, and most of all, finding out where the heck Cooler is!
Price: $2.00