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Card Game Rules



I have noticed that despite my efforts to give out rulebooks with card purchases, many people still don't know how to play the Funky Fighters Card Game. So, I have decided to post the rules up so that you may learn my card game. (Note that Fuzion rules are NOT included here, but on fuzing cards like Combo Berry.)


      To play Funky Fighters, you need two decks of Funky Fighter cards. Each deck must have an equal amount of cards in it (ex: both decks could have 6 Fighter cards and 3 Power up cards). A Funky Fighters gameboard is also handy.

      First, shuffle your Fighter and Power-up cards SEPERATELY. Place them aside, facedown and draw 2 Fighters and 1 Power-up. (Note: You must always have 3 cards in your hand, but you cannot go over the limit of 2 Fighter cards and 1 Power-up card.) Both players place a Fighter card from their hand into the battle arena face-up. Now you will notice each Fighter has a P, S and M level. They stand for Power, Speed and Magic. Compare your Funky Fighter’s level points to your opponent’s points. Whichever Fighter has higher points is the winner of that duel. (Note: A tie is settled with a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors.) The losing fighter is sent to the graveyard.

      This is where Power-up cards come in. Power-up cards are cards that help you in duels. (Ex: The Power-up card “Brute Crush” raises your P level by 100 points for 1 turn.) (Note: Only 1 Power-up card may be used per turn.) A game of Funky Fighters is over when a player has no possible way of winning. That person is the loser.

        While building a deck, you must know that you may only have one copy of a card in the same deck.

      Altogether, Funky Fighters is a great 2-player game. You can play it to settle a score, earn bragging rights, or just for plain fun.

Collect the cards to become the best Funky Fightist ever!