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Funky Fighters is the story of  a world where everything is handeled by "Funky Fights," done with "Funky Fighters." The story goes that Dude, and his friends Vikki and Cooler, discover his (Dude's) amazing ability to Funky Fight. Problem is that the evil Dr. Weishenschneider and his henchmen know this too, and are after Dude's Funky Fighters. Now he must Fight the Dr., along with a mysterious organization following him, in order to make the world safe again. Follow this amazing story with comic books, mini movies, video games and a collectable card game brought to life by Frostbite Studios. The world is Funky here.

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Akujabillion years ago, before time had began, the human race reigned supreme. Every day was new, and every week was better than the last. Peace was the primary objective, and every nation was combined for one huge race of human beings. Life simple and harmonic, everyone lived and loved as one.

On one such day, a young sorcerer was experimenting with new spells. Magic, witchcraft and sorcery he had known since he was just a child, but he wanted to do more. The simplicity of this life was not good enough! So he worked and worked until he discovered a curse of such magnitude it would change the course of time forever.

Curiously, he cast this curse upon himself. Suddenly, he felt invigorated as his soul was clenched and freed in rapid succession! Taken by this outburst, he slumped on the ground.

When he awoke, a figure stood above him; a sorcerer warrior similar to himself, except for the armor it was clad in and the gleaming blade at its side. The sorcerer warrior took its master by the arm and helped him up.

The young sorcerer was amazed at this marvel, and retracted the curse in order to call his town to gather. He showed them the curse, and the sorcerer warrior, and soon everyone knew of this curse, all over the nation!

These creatures were unique to each human that called them, some big and some small, some strong and some weak. Soon, as the people continued to learn the extent of these creatures, they found that each had special powers, which could be used to fight each other. Most of the people just took this as a chance to have fun, but a few saw past this and into what they could do with these creatures. Soon, the world was terrorized by the violence that these people and their fighters could create! The world in chaos, a few strong warriors and their creatures banded together, and lead by the young sorcerer, destroyed these evil people and their creatures. Dubbed the Funk Rogues and the creatures Funky Fighters, the world was safe again!

They thought they had won, but it was only the beginning, for one evil person and their Funky Fighters still lived…

Today, though magic and sorcery have faded away, Funky Fighters remain the split nation’s faved pastime. Projected by giant mechanical arenas and metal battle suits, these creatures are called upon for many different reasons… sometimes for fun, and sometimes for more. And while the world seems safe, there are those who want to use their Funky Fighters to eliminate those who will stop them from taking over the earth. This is Funky Fighters.

New FF game!!!
Frostbite Studios will soon be releasing their new video game, Funky Fighters: Haunted Hotel! The storyline goes that Dude, Vikki and Cooler are stuck in a haunted hotel overnight and need you're help to make it out alive! Check out our 'stuff' page for details.
Price: $2.50

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