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This is where I post updates, to keep you up-to-date with the know-how of what is currently going on in the world of Funky Fighters. Enjoy!


Yeah. We have affiliates.

Frostbite Studios

Crazy Studios Inc.


Braden Blake


Super Deluxe

Funky Fighters: Armored Sorcerer Saga!
The computer toon that had been in production since SUMMER 2004 is finally released!!! When Dude, Vikki and Cooler enter a tournament on a synthetic island in the middle of nowhere, they will have to face ultimate peril, hardships, and maybe even meet an old enemy!
Price: $3.00

Armada Booster Pack Out!
The time of a revolution has come. You will now be able to invade the Funky Fighters gamemat and leave nothing behind you. Introducing the awesome new "Armada" booster pack series! Take your Funky Fights to a whole new level with twelve brand-new, just created cards including the elusive Uncurable Virus Z-31, the terrorizing Kunai Knife and the just plain destructive Commander Quidnunc!
Price: $.25 per pack

New locker poster!
The new locker poster is out and displays 6 new Funky Fighters: Skuller the Jinx Warrior, Life Saver, Icy Dragon, Vaccuum Dragon, The Prime Rib Roast Minister and Crystal Soldier!

We are now Copywrited!
Good news! All items under the production of Frostbite Studios are now copywrited! We are now the ONLY people who can reproduce Funky Fighters, Smitty the Lumbersquiggle, A Guy in Tights, or anything else that we created!

Filth Starter Deck Released!
You probably have never heard of Filth... well, he's a Funky Fighters original that got rejected, but now he's back, and better than ever! This deck has all the slimyist and most rancid cards ever created, so release it on your opponent!

Vikki and Cooler starter decks out!
With new cards like Combo Berry and Icy Dragon, as well as some old favorites, like Flame Warrior, Moonpony and Nightpony, these decks were well worth the wait!
Cost: $.35 each, 6 cards included

Frostbite Studios has launched their site! And its jam-packed fulla stuff that everyone will like! To visit, just find the link below the Funky Sorcerer picture on the Home page!

Thats right! Funky Fighters figurines are available now! Now guess what! Dude, Funky Sorcerer, Prize Machine and a free promo card isn't the only set I have in stock now. I currently also have one with Dr. Weishenschneider, Abominible Giant, Brute Crush and a promo card. Come get it while I still have some in stock!
Cost: $.50 (per set)