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Here you will find character stats and their Funky Fighters:
Dude-Funky Sorcerer, Zap Giant, Fireball the Fire Breathing Fighting Fish-Dude is a normal kid, except he has no clue of his hidden F.F. abilities.
Cooler-Flame Warrior, Icy Dragon-Although he seems a bit... mentally handicapped, Cooler is good at Funky Fights.
Vikki-Moonpony, Nightpony, Flower Fairy-Probably the one with common sense, Vikki helps Dude and Cooler stay on their feet.
Dr. Weishenschneider-Abominable Giant-He completely demolished a former secret society for maintaining peace, and now wants to take control of the world with his Funky Fighters. Yet, Dude has been a challenge for him.
Rojer-Evil Ninja, Goo Giant-Dr. Weishenschneider's cohort and only friend, he would turn on the Doctor at any moment to seize power.
Roky-Megashooter-The President of the Popular Boys/Girls club and a paranoid attention magnet, Dude has enjoyed wiping the floor with his Funky Fighter, Megashooter, many times.
Her-She-Skuller the Jinx Warrior-A strange transfer student, Her-She is a redheaded girl who befriended Dude, Cooler and Vikki, can usually be seen wearing a black cape, and never shows any sign of emotion except on the subjest of Dr. Weishenschneider.
Jonny-Wretched Pirate-Roky's biggest fan, and best "friend". He is treasurer of the Popular Boys/Girls club.