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Here is KrispyKon's full released discography, much of which is available for free download or for sample listening and purchase.










Full-Length Album
Released 6/30/08
1. Cloud 9
2. Anarchy
3. Studded Skies
4. Flood
5. Rebel
6. Nature Sounds
7. Disciple
8. Come Back
9. Arctic Thesis
10. Beautiful Eyes
11. All Hail the King
12. Unify 7
13. Conclusion: Inconclusive
14. El Cielo/Prophet
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Cloud 9 single
And the Worlds go Round and Round
Released 7/23/2008
1. Cloud 9 (video)
2. No Limits (Alfamao)
3. There is a Poltergeist
Download free here:

Anarchy single
It is our Right
Released 8/13/2008
1. Anarchy (video)
2. Rebel [live]
3. Disciple/El Cielo/Prophet [live]
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Studded Skies single
Beautiful Skies/Studded Eyes
Released 11/18/2008
1. Studded Skies (video)
2. The Conversationalist
3. Raineyes
4. Crescent Iridescent EP exclusive
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Yet Another Kristmas EP
Released 12/24/2008
1. Sugarplum/Emmanuel
2. Emmanuel
3. Find a Way
4. Kristmas Kanon
5. Winter Wonderland
6. Arctic Thesis (video)
7. Kristmas images of KrispyKon members
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Disciple single
The Second Coming is Near
Released 4/26/2009
1. Disciple (video)
2. The Quadratic Formula Song (live from Nicholas' party) (Michael Kelley cover) (recorded some day in May 2006) (lots of parentheses)
3. A Sky of Metals and Smog
4. Chicken Abortion from "Cornbread"
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Solo Album by DJ Fo Skintley
Released 8/23/09
1. Mixtapes
2. Chicken Abortion
3. Arch of Headband [feat. KrispyKon]
4. Church Bells
5. The Despair of Edgar Sharware
6. Ode to a Lumbersquiggle
7. Senor Trenchcoat [skit]
8. Rock It Out [feat. KrispyKon]
9. Mike Lobotomy
10. Premonition [feat. KrispyKon]
11. Something to Say
12. Cornbread
13. Skintley Symphony
    B. Classical
    A. Rock
    C. Hip Hop
    O. Electronic
    N. Other
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Lily Demo
Promotional demo of songs from future album "The Icily Polite"
1. Song of the Century
2. The Icily Polite
3. Lily
4. The Beauty Within
5. Where Were You On That Day?
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