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The Icily Polite is a Seattle, WA-based virtual alternative rock band, whose music is characterized by unusual time signatures, thought-provoking lyrics and a powerful combination of instrumental experimentation and ear-catching melodies. Founded as a three-piece in 2004 and formerly known as KrispyKon, The Icily Polite has grown to become a collective of nine fictitous, animated musicians collaborating together. They have so far independently released two full-length albums entitled "Greenwash" and "Earthen Sighs", a slew of free online promotional singles and a solo record by one of their members entitled "Cornbread."

Click one of the members below to read more about them. If you click them in order, you can read the story of the founding of The Icily Polite from 2004 until now consecutively.




Chris Chrippled


Lil' Cardshark




Westy Nile


Professor Grim




DJ Fo Skintley


The Holy Tomater


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Fa_Sha: Guitar, vocals
In 2004, songwriter/guitarist Fa_Sha was down on his luck. Signed to small label Ancient Records, he had a short unsuccessful stint as a solo artist before discovering his manager, 70shing, was holding out on Fa_Sha's royalties. Outraged, he left the label in pursuit of a much deeper musical experience: a musical collective that would encompass all musical forms and ideas, and express a deep concern over the current state of modern society. After meeting bassist Chris Chrippled and adopting adolescent drummer Lil' Cardshark, the band KrispyKon emerged and was discovered by Frostbite Studios Records. It was with FBS that the band released the Fighting for Infinite EP, albums It Fell from Below, Overstaying a Nonexistent Welcome and Greenwash, and a slew of free downloadable online singles, b-sides and videos, growing all the while with an ever-expanding lineup of exceptional musicians. It is also within the Frostbite Studios Records building that each of the members lives together. In 2010, Frostbite Studios Records inexplicably froze over to the point of being unlivable, and the entire band relocated to Fa_Sha and Fa_Show's family home, affectionately called "the crispy con," and the band began working on new music under the new name The Icily Polite. Fa_Sha is instantly recognizeable through his ankle-long pink and green hair, outrageous and colourful clothing and wide array of differently shaped, coloured and equipped guitars, which directly reflect his frantic onstage demanor. Offstage, he is quiet and charming, and leads and artistic and pacifistic lifestyle. His lyricism, singing and guitar playing style all reflect these inner values.


Lil' Cardshark: Drums
When Lil' Cardshark was first spotted by Fa_Sha and Chris Chrippled, he was winning a game of blackjack against four seasoned players, and won the rights to drum with the in-hosue band. He was also an infant who couldn't even walk. Unfortunately, he crawled off and out of sight before Fa_Sha and Chris could even approach him, but after several months of searching they found him at another casino. Despite his either inablility of refusal to speak, a deep connection runs between him and each member of The Icily Polite, especially Fa_Sha: Fa_Sha legally adopted the abandoned boy as his son. Lil' Cardsharks drumming is aggressive, detailed and impeccable, and his ability with any game involving cards is nothing short of amazing. Now a member of The Icily Polite for several years, he shows no signs of fast development, or much development at all, which is alleged to be a strange rare chronic aging-related illness. He is known for his amazing black-and-blonde hair, which stands in chaotic spikes, as well as for his ever-changing drum setup. He is also never seen without a pacifier, and despite not talking shows to be a very deep and understanding individual. His room in Frostbite Studios Records resembled a combination of a nursery, a drum studio and a casino, complete with a crib, posters of Neil Pert and a poker table. All of this paraphenelia has been relocated to his room in the crispy con.


Westy Nile: Guitar, occasional vocals, production
The infamous British/Australian rocker Westy Nile began his career as the frontman and lead guitarist of the most controversial and censored band of all time: Moskeeto. Moskeeto rose to cult fame throughout the 60's, 70's, 80's and early 90's with its highly experimental music (Moskeeto became famous for frequently incorperating elements of rock, metal, thrash, hardcore, punk, art rock, glam, garage, grunge, surf, space, raggae, shoegazer, stoner, proto, indie, blues, big band, breakcore and chamber music, among others) and outrageous live shows that never ended without completely destroying the stage setup and sometimes even the venue. It should be noted that Fa_Sha was a huge Moskeeto fan growing up and Westy was his inspiration to learn the guitar. As was the nature of the time, they were persecuted time and time again by the allied governments of every single country in the world for their music and performance style, a feud that finally ended in 1992 when every single second of every single recording done by the band was added to the nations blacklists and each band member disappeared or died mysteriously. For years Westy exiled himself from society in the Egyptian desert with only his trademark red flying V guitar, a mug, a lawn chair, a single floor tom and the clothes on his back until after a very extensive search, Fa_Sha, Chris Chrippled and Lil' Carshark found Westy and convinced him to come back to society. They offered him a room in the haunted halls of Frostbite Studios Records, where he could keep his reclusion and not be disturbed by anyone, in exchange for recording a song with The Icily Polite (then called KrispyKon) on every single record they would put out. Westy grudgingly accepted, only to grow deep relationships with each of the members of The Icily Polite (minus DJ Fo Skintley but especially with Fa_Sha.) Westy is known for being short and wearing an outfit that much makes him resemble a mosquito: large goggles that amplify the size of his eyes, a dingy winglike cape and rustic patchy brown overalls. Westy also has a shoe line that he engaged in making while in the desert: woven of a variety of materials, they are distinguishable by their "X" and "=" sewings on each of the feet and are worn by every member of The Icily Polite except DJ Fo Skintley. At the crispy con, he tends to keep less to himself as he spends more and more time with the members of the band.


DJ Fo Skintley: synths, samples, turntabling and MC
DJ Fo Skintley is an unofficial master of underground music production. He was discovered one day by Fa_Show as he came home to his and Fa_Sha's hosue, the crispy con, to find Skintley had taken advantage of the hosue's "everyone come and go, stay as you wish" rule to throw a huge rave. The entire property was covered in people dancing and hanging out, and music could be heard miles away. Rather than being outraged, Fa_Show was amazed at Skintley's ability to both attract so many people and put on such a great show with music blending the hip-hop and electronica genres. After the two talked for a couple of hours in between mixing, DJ Fo Skintley was intrigued about then-called KrispyKon and joined just as writing for Greenwash was beginning. Skintley has known for his trademark hat, which resembles a civil-war era Union cap with the KrispyKon KK logo on it. Lately his headwear has diversified, including a blue german military-style cap and a blue beanie. His eyes are rarely seen as whichever hat he is wearing combined with his long hair shadows them. His fashion taste is similarly eccentric to that of Fa_Sha. Skintley is known for his dry wit and is often called the "joker" of the band, as well as for his feud with Westy Nile, which is said to be inspired by the two's clashing musical ideals. He is also known for his large gear setup, which includes synthesizers, samplers, midi controllers, mixers, percussion instruments, effects pedals, DAWs, turntables and prepared instruments, as well as for his obsession with the composition of mixtapes. His rapping ranges from laid back to quick and syncopated and his writing style often carries several stories or ideas at once which integrate throughout a song. His former room in Frostbite Studios Records as well as his current room in the crispy con reflects all of these attributes; the floor is littered with cables and CDRs and every surface is covered in equipment. It was here that he wrote his own solo record, Cornbread, which blends hip-hop, electronica and rock music with oddball lyrics and concepts.

Full band shot #2


Chris Chrippled: Bass guitar, backing vocals
53-year-old Northpolean bassist Chris Chrippled was born and raised in the North Pole in a small snowcovered village. Originally a seasoned player of the tuba, Chris dropped the instrument and travelled by land, foot and sea to America in a strange musical calling. He settled on the Northwest coast and began playing standing bass in various jazz bands until one fateful day he stepped into an elevator with a pink-haired stranger named Fa_Sha. The elevator collapsed and the two were left for several hours with nothing but Fa_Sha's acoustic guitar and Chris' standing bass. In this time Fa_Sha told Chris about his pursuit of a deeper musical meaning and Chris deeply empathized with what he was saying, and Chris became the second official member of The Icily Polite (then called KrispyKon.) Chris is known for his trademark red "santa suit" outfit: traditional Northpolean garb worn for its warmth and clear visibility in heavy snow. He is also known for his ice-blue spiky Blizzard bass and jet-black Fedora bass, both custom-made by The Icily Polite equipment engineer Fred Khanhead. He is never seen without sharp sunglasses, which are actually tinted prescription glasses, and has an introspective and relaxed demeanor on and offstage. His sub-bass tone is the backbone of The Icily Polite's music, though Chris has been spotted with various effects pedals that he states will be used increasingly in future music. He is courteous and thoughtful, and enjoys reading, gardening and studying marine life. His room in Frostbite Studios records had walls made of fishtanks and is kept at a constant temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Most of these fishtanks were not movable in the massive freak freezover of the studio and transition to the crispy con due to the fact that they froze over.


Fa_Show: Guitar, bass, backup vocals
Fa_Sha's younger brother of two years, Fa_Show and Fa_Sha's brotherhood was betrayed in the earlier years (when the band went by the name of KrispyKon) by their almost identical hairstyle and fashion taste, although Fa_Show bears long royal blue hair. Now, Fa_Show sports a more natural hairstyle, letting it hang freely or tying it back from his face with wraps, as well as wearing long shawls or ponchos. A much more active advocate of human rights, Fa_Show's contributions to The Icily Polite both in the studio and onstage remain ambivalent due to his constant flying off to third-world countries to volunteer help to situations there. Fa_Show has been to nearly every country in the world in his efforts against poverty, hunger and cruelty, and has gained an extensive list of close friends the world over with whom he communicates with constantly. One such friend would be The Holy Tomater, a Venezuelan percussionist and the newest member of The Icily Polite. Unlike all other members of The Icily Polite, Fa_Show did not have a room in Frostbite Studios Records; instead, when in the States, he lived at the same hosue that he and his brother grew up in, which is lovingly and ironically referred to as "the crispy con." Frostbite Studios Records inexplicably froze over and remained frozen throughout the winter and spring of 2010, and the entire band relocated to the crispy con. The bands activites in the crispy con can be streamed live for viewing here.


G-Host: Piano
Once a famous pianist and composer in the late 1700's, G-Host is the resurrected and reanimated corpse of this man. The idea came about when Chris got into a phase of listening to his compositions throughout the entirety of Frostbite Studios Records, causing Fa_Sha to really latch onto the recordings. Over time, Professor Grim began to hear the music and told the other members of the band that he knew of where the man was buried. Through a long set of strange negotiations, Fa_Sha and Chris decided that, with the help of Professor Grim's odd supernatural abilities and knowledge, they would resurrect the composers corpse and have him join the band as a pianist. G-Host is known for his degrading green skin, mangy gray hair and long black cloak. He stands around nine feet high, although it is debatable whether he is levitating or not, putting him high above Chris as the tallest member of the band. The top half of his face is covered in bandages and he is forbidden to remove the blessed rosary used to subdue him from around his neck. On and offstage, he maintains a temperate mood, ranging from reclusive to powerfully agressive, and does not respond to what anybody says except for Professor Grim. Too many times he has randomly lashed out on an Icily Polite member, and has a tendency to destroy keyboards onstage, calling for the need to chain him to the ground when in front of an audience. Before it froze over, he lived in the haunted hall in Frostbite Studios Records. He now roams the crispy con, often appearing out of nowhere or  disappearing randomly. Members have claimed to see him in seperate places at the same time, leading to the notion that he may be able to bilocate.


Professor Grim and his Evil Puppet Orchestra of DOOM
Professor Grim Nile is the older brother of Westy Nile who grew up studying a classical music, woodworking and what he calls witchcraft. Majoring in idealogy, he taught the subject for a number of years and now demands to be referred to as Professor. In Moskeeto's later years, Grim felt the negative influence of the governments warhammer slamming down on his brothers band as people began to equally persecute him, so he retreated from society just as his brother did. At first living in the underground tunnels of cities in Britain such as London, Grim eventually found himself nestled uncomfortably in an old abandoned wooden church in rural England. Passerby heard strange sounds emerging sporatically from the church, and it began to become feared as people thought it was haunted. These sounds, though foreboeding, were actually Grim constructing a symphony of puppets and classical instruments out of spare wood from the church, and learning how to control them part mechanically and part telepathically. Then one day Grim was suddenly forced to abandon much of his work as local men tried to burn the supposedly haunted church down. Back in society, he discovered an original KrispyKon CD with his brothers name on the front of it: It Fell from Below, featuring the track "Sharp" with guest guitarist Westy Nile. He then set out carrying what remaining puppets he had salvaged and found Frostbite Studios Records, reuniting with his brother and joining KrispyKon. Grim wears a ragged poncho, top hat and monocle, in addition to a backpack rigged to erupt up to eight enourmous spiderlike legs and raise him up to ten feet in the air. By controlling these legs as well as the clunky, otherwise lifeless puppets with specially designed controllers that hang from the backpack under his fingertips, he supplies the orchestral side of KrispyKon. Grim resided in the haunted hallway in Frostbite Studios Records with his brother and G-Host, but has moved into the crispy con with the rest of The Icily Polite. His hair is graying at an alarming rate.


The Holy Tomater: Percussion
Originally from Venezuela, The Holy Tomater was a chili farmer and a good friend of Fa_Show's for several years before being invited to join the band. He is the bands newest member, joining after the release of Greenwash, whose setup involves a full range of percussion instruments including everything from timbales to timpanis. It is said that he will bring a much heavier, experimental, percussion-driven sound to The Icily Polite.