Chris Chrippled: Bass guitar, bass synthesizer, backing vocals
53-year-old Northpolean bassist Chris Chrippled was born and raised in the North Pole in a small snowcovered village. Originally a seasoned player of the tuba, Chris dropped the instrument and travelled by land, foot and sea to America in a strange musical calling. He settled on the Northwest coast and began playing standing bass in various jazz bands until one fateful day he stepped into an elevator with a pink-haired stranger named Fa_Sha. The elevator collapsed and the two were left for several hours with nothing but Fa_Sha's acoustic guitar and Chris' standing bass. In this time Fa_Sha told Chris about his pursuit of a deeper musical meaning and Chris deeply empathized with what he was saying, and Chris became the second official member of The Icily Polite (then called KrispyKon.) Chris is known for his trademark red "santa suit" outfit: traditional Northpolean garb worn for its warmth and clear visibility in heavy snow. He is also known for his ice-blue spiky Blizzard bass and jet-black Fedora bass, both custom-made by The Icily Polite equipment engineer Fred Khanhead. He is never seen without sharp sunglasses, which are actually tinted prescription glasses, and has an introspective and relaxed demeanor on and offstage. His sub-bass tone is the backbone of The Icily Polite's music, though Chris has been spotted with various effects pedals that he states will be used increasingly in future music. He is courteous and thoughtful, and enjoys reading, gardening and studying marine life. His room in Frostbite Studios records had walls made of fishtanks and is kept at a constant temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Most of these fishtanks were not movable in the massive freak freezover of the studio and transition to the crispy con due to the fact that they froze over.