DJ Fo Skintley: synths, samples, turntabling and MC
DJ Fo Skintley is an unofficial master of underground music production. He was discovered one day by Fa_Show as he came home to his and Fa_Sha's hosue, the crispy con, to find Skintley had taken advantage of the hosue's "everyone come and go, stay as you wish" rule to throw a huge rave. The entire property was covered in people dancing and hanging out, and music could be heard miles away. Rather than being outraged, Fa_Show was amazed at Skintley's ability to both attract so many people and put on such a great show with music blending the hip-hop and electronica genres. After the two talked for a couple of hours in between mixing, DJ Fo Skintley was intrigued about then-called KrispyKon and joined just as writing for Greenwash was beginning. Skintley has known for his trademark hat, which resembles a civil-war era Union cap with the KrispyKon KK logo on it. Lately his headwear has diversified, including a blue german military-style cap and a blue beanie. His eyes are rarely seen as whichever hat he is wearing combined with his long hair shadows them. His fashion taste is similarly eccentric to that of Fa_Sha. Skintley is known for his dry wit and is often called the "joker" of the band, as well as for his feud with Westy Nile, which is said to be inspired by the two's clashing musical ideals. He is also known for his large gear setup, which includes synthesizers, samplers, midi controllers, mixers, percussion instruments, effects pedals, DAWs, turntables and prepared instruments, as well as for his obsession with the composition of mixtapes. His rapping ranges from laid back to quick and syncopated and his writing style often carries several stories or ideas at once which integrate throughout a song. His former room in Frostbite Studios Records as well as his current room in the crispy con reflects all of these attributes; the floor is littered with cables and CDRs and every surface is covered in equipment. It was here that he wrote his own solo record, Cornbread, which blends hip-hop, electronica and rock music with oddball lyrics and concepts.