Fa_Sha: Vocals, guitar, ukelele, synthesizer, percussion
In 2004, songwriter/guitarist Fa_Sha was down on his luck. Signed to small label Ancient Records, he had a short unsuccessful stint as a solo artist before discovering his manager, 70shing, was holding out on Fa_Sha's royalties. Outraged, he left the label in pursuit of a much deeper musical experience: a musical collective that would encompass all musical forms and ideas, and express a deep concern over the current state of modern society. After meeting bassist Chris Chrippled and adopting adolescent drummer Lil' Cardshark, the band KrispyKon emerged and was discovered by Frostbite Studios Records. It was with FBS that the band released the Fighting for Infinite EP, albums It Fell from Below, Overstaying a Nonexistent Welcome and Greenwash, and a slew of free downloadable online singles, b-sides and videos, growing all the while with an ever-expanding lineup of exceptional musicians. It is also within the Frostbite Studios Records building that each of the members lives together. In 2010, Frostbite Studios Records inexplicably froze over to the point of being unlivable, and the entire band relocated to Fa_Sha and Fa_Show's family home, affectionately called "the crispy con," and the band began working on new music under the new name The Icily Polite. Since moving in, The Icily Polite have released the free downloadable Lily Demo and album Earthen Sighs. Fa_Sha is instantly recognizeable through his ankle-long pink and green hair, outrageous and colourful clothing and wide array of differently shaped, coloured and equipped guitars, which directly reflect his frantic onstage demanor. Offstage, he is quiet and charming, and leads and artistic and pacifistic lifestyle. His lyricism, singing and guitar playing style all reflect these inner values.