Fa_Show: Guitar, synthesizer, percussion, backup vocals
Fa_Sha's younger brother of two years, Fa_Show and Fa_Sha's brotherhood was betrayed in the earlier years (when the band went by the name of KrispyKon) by their almost identical hairstyle and fashion taste, although Fa_Show bears long royal blue hair. Now, Fa_Show sports a more natural hairstyle, letting it hang freely or tying it back from his face with wraps, as well as wearing long shawls or ponchos. A much more active advocate of human rights, Fa_Show's contributions to The Icily Polite both in the studio and onstage remain arbitrary due to his constant flying off to third-world countries to volunteer help to situations there. Fa_Show has been to nearly every country in the world in his efforts against poverty, hunger and cruelty, and has gained an extensive list of close friends the world over with whom he communicates with constantly. One such friend would be The Holy Tomater, a Venezuelan percussionist and the newest member of The Icily Polite. Unlike all other members of The Icily Polite, Fa_Show did not have a room in Frostbite Studios Records; instead, when in the States, he lived at the same hosue that he and his brother grew up in, which is lovingly and ironically referred to as "the crispy con." Frostbite Studios Records inexplicably froze over and remained frozen throughout the winter and spring of 2010, and the entire band relocated to the crispy con. The bands activites in the crispy con can be streamed live for viewing here. Fa_Show's guitar has changed iconically over the years; during Greenwash and before, it had a purple finish and white pickguard. For material following the Greenwash era, it was modified to include a mini two-octave MIDI keyboard as part of the body. During the recording for Earthen Sighs, the purple finish was sanded off to let the natural wood underneath show. This is the state that it is in now.