Lil' Cardshark: Drums
When Lil' Cardshark was first spotted by Fa_Sha and Chris Chrippled, he was winning a game of blackjack against four seasoned players, and won the rights to drum with the in-hosue band. He was also an infant who couldn't even walk. Unfortunately, he crawled off and out of sight before Fa_Sha and Chris could even approach him, but after several months of searching they found him at another casino. Despite his either inablility of refusal to speak, a deep connection runs between him and each member of The Icily Polite, especially Fa_Sha: Fa_Sha legally adopted the abandoned boy as his son. Lil' Cardsharks drumming is aggressive, detailed and impeccable, and his ability with any game involving cards is nothing short of amazing. Now a member of The Icily Polite for several years, he shows no signs of fast development, or much development at all, which is alleged to be a strange rare chronic aging-related illness. He is known for his amazing black-and-blonde hair, which stands in chaotic spikes, as well as for his ever-changing drum setup. He is also never seen without a pacifier, and despite not talking shows to be a very deep and understanding individual. His room in Frostbite Studios Records resembled a combination of a nursery, a drum studio and a casino, complete with a crib, posters of Neil Pert and a poker table. All of this paraphenelia has been relocated to his room in the crispy con.