The Holy Tomater: Percussion
Originally from Venezuela, The Holy Tomater was a chili farmer and a good friend of Fa_Show's for several years before being invited to join the band. He is the bands newest member, joining after the release of Greenwash, whose setup involves a full range of percussion instruments including everything from timbales to timpanis. Since joining, The Holy Tomater has brought a more diverse musical element to the band, and his powerful playing is evident on the Greenwash b-sides, the Lily Demo and Earthen Sighs. He co-wrote the track "La Luna" from Earthen Sighs. Despite his inability to speak english particularly well, The Holy Tomater has become close friends with many of the members of the band. He is easily spotted by his heavy outer clothing, which he wears to keep warm due to the immense climate change between Venezuela and Seattle. He also wears a bandana over his eyes to mask his face. In addition to percussion, The Holy Tomater plays classical guitar avidly.