Westy Nile: Guitar, occasional vocals, production
The infamous British/Australian rocker Westy Nile began his career as the frontman and lead guitarist of the most controversial and censored band of all time: Moskeeto. Moskeeto rose to cult fame throughout the 60's, 70's, 80's and early 90's with its highly experimental music (Moskeeto became famous for frequently incorperating elements of rock, metal, thrash, hardcore, punk, art rock, glam, garage, grunge, surf, space, raggae, shoegazer, stoner, proto, indie, blues, big band, breakcore and chamber music, among others) and outrageous live shows that never ended without completely destroying the stage setup and sometimes even the venue. It should be noted that Fa_Sha was a huge Moskeeto fan growing up and Westy was his inspiration to learn the guitar. As was the nature of the time, they were persecuted time and time again by the allied governments of every single country in the world for their music and performance style, a feud that finally ended in 1992 when every single second of every single recording done by the band was added to the nations blacklists and each band member disappeared or died mysteriously. For years Westy exiled himself from society in the Egyptian desert with only his trademark red flying V guitar, a mug, a lawn chair, a single floor tom and the clothes on his back until after a very extensive search, Fa_Sha, Chris Chrippled and Lil' Carshark found Westy and convinced him to come back to society. They offered him a room in the haunted halls of Frostbite Studios Records, where he could keep his reclusion and not be disturbed by anyone, in exchange for recording a song with The Icily Polite (then called KrispyKon) on every single record they would put out. Westy grudgingly accepted, only to grow deep relationships with each of the members of The Icily Polite (minus DJ Fo Skintley but especially with Fa_Sha.) Westy is known for being short and wearing an outfit that much makes him resemble a mosquito: large goggles that amplify the size of his eyes, a dingy winglike cape and rustic patchy brown overalls. Westy also has a shoe line that he engaged in making while in the desert: woven of a variety of materials, they are distinguishable by their "X" and "=" sewings on each of the feet and are worn by every member of The Icily Polite except DJ Fo Skintley. At the crispy con, he tends to keep less to himself as he spends more and more time with the members of the band.