Frostbite Studios: The Various Creative Works of Nick Emard

Hey there! Welcome to Frostbite Studios. My name is Nick Emard, and I started FBS a couple years ago as a name under which to release my various creative works. On paper, it's an independent film/animation/music production company that functions mainly on YouTube and this website. As time goes on and as I prepare for college, FBS is becoming more and more arbitrary, and I'm not immediately concerned with the direction it takes. It's something I've loved for years, and still do, but keeping it regular and up-to-date is time-consuming. So here's a wholistic main page from which to check out all the work I've done under FBS and keep up-to-date via the most up-to-date thing I have going, my Twitter! Please, watch a movie, maybe enjoy a song or two, and thanks for stopping in! :) Nick.


Frostbite Studios has made and released over 100 short films and animations via YouTube. They range from two minutes to over 45 minutes, can be a music video or released in several segments, and some have even reached over 15,000 views. Here are some of the good'ns:


"Paper Song" music video


Danny Dreamland (part 1)


The Big Race



Frostbite Studios is also home to The Icily Polite, a nine-piece virtual alternative rock band. The Icily Polite plays diverse, powerful music which often crosses genres and uses advanced instrumentation and musicality. They have released two albums and a slew of singles and EPs, the majority of which are FREE to listen to and download! Click any of the surrounding images to check them out!




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