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Frost Bite Radio Future

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Here's all the press for this awesome game! So far, I have an interview with the one and only Halo2wa at

FBRF interview with Frostbite Studios by Halo2wa


H2W: So, what does FBRF stand for?

FBS: Uh… Frost Bite Radio Future.

H2W: What inspired you to do FBRF?

FBS: The original game, JSRF. The scenery, the art, the storyline, I love everything about that game. And also my friends. They helped inspire the characters.

H2W: How long have you thought about making FBRF?

FBS: I got the idea last summer (2005). I got all the art and stuff done then, but now I’m really doing work on it.

H2W: What do you enjoy about making a video game?

FBS: Nothing. It’s an absolute pain making a game. But when it’s done, it’s pretty tight.

H2W: How many characters are there in FBRF and who are they based on?

FBS: A lot… more than I can count. Some are based on characters from the real game, and some are based on my friends.

H2W: Any thoughts of a new trailer anytime soon?

FBS: I hope… I kind of want more work done before I release a second trailer. (That first one had absolutely no footage from the actual game!)

H2W: How about a demo?

FBS: That will come after the game is complete.

H2W: How big will the game be?

FBS: At least ten times bigger than my normal games.

H2W: What is the release date for FBRF?

FBS: Hopefully the Fall of 2006.


Frost Bite Radio Future is copyright (c) 2006 Frostbite Studios; Nick Emard.
Original games Jet Grind Radio and Jet Set Radio Future are copyright (c) Sega Corporation.