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Frost Bite Radio Future

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Welcome to FBRF.
FBRF: Frost Bite Radio Future is Frostbite Studios latest project. I adopted the idea from the Xbox game "JSRF: Jet Set Radio Future" and am creating its honorary sequel. This is it's official production site and is devoted to telling you a bit about the storyline and giving you a sneak peek on some going-ons. Please note FBRF is still in the programming stages and will be released sometime in Fall 2006 (I hope).

About FBRF:
FBRF is a game about the next generation of the Rudies, consisting of teams such as Four Squared, Poison Jam, Radiant, Rapid K, the Immortals and the Tech Jocks. Helped by DJ Professor Arctic, who broadcasts valuable information and sweet tracks through the underground pirate radio station Frost Bite Radio, they must battle it out with turf wars and graffiti tags. But the thing they don't know is that even though Gouji is gone,  his "police" (or the squads of cronies that Rokkaku Gouji left behind after he lost to the GG's) has their eye on them. With hostile opposing teams, good cops playing bad cops and Tokyo for the taking, you control Four Squared as they try to become the most historic Rudies since the GG's themselves!


FBRF news:
6/15/07: Well, its summer again, and you know what that means: time to get back to work on FBRF! At this point its about halfway finished but I'll need new video editing software (working on that) before I continue because I recently upgraded to Vista. I'll try to keep you guys more up-to-date now that I'm back in the loop. FBRF forever!
1/16/07: Pickle pie and flying V soup.
9/4/06: FBRF is about halfway finished. It's taking shorter than I expected, but I'm still running into some problems I thought I wouldn't have to deal with.
8/16/06: I NEED GRAFFITI FOR THIS GAME. If you have graffiti that you would like me to review for FBRF, send it to with FBRF in the title.
8/8/06: Well, here is the OFFICIAL site of FBRF. I finally decided that single page on the FBS website wasn't serious enough.
8/7/06: Just received a JSRF: Beat figurine in the mail via eBay. I half wanted it because I love JSRF, half wanted it for inspiration on FBRF, and another half wanted it because I knew it would look tight on my desk... and it DOES! You can get a picture in the images section. Just thought I would share that with you all.
6/28/06: Well, I have new promo pics released! Click one above to check it out.
6/22/06: The nice chap at has agreed to an interview covering FBRF exclusive to this site. Go check it out on the Press page!
6/6/06: Well, I am a little busy right now, so official work on the coolest game ever (FBRF, live with it) will begin this summer! YAY!
4/13/06: Progress on FBRF is going great! So far, an early version of the Garage (Four Squared's home turf) is complete and all the OFFICIAL character models for the Four Squared team are crafted! We just published the official FBRF site, too, in order to keep everyone up-to-date!


Frost Bite Radio Future is copyright (c) 2006 Frostbite Studios; Nick Emard.
Original games Jet Grind Radio and Jet Set Radio Future are copyright (c) Sega Corporation.