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Welcome to the Frostbite Studios virtual filing cabinet... AKA the old news posts from the front page. And, like a filing cabinet, it's not very organized. Looking for something specific? Try a highlight tool or something. =D

Check out what Adam made: CLICK MEH Its like a KrispyKon preview medley... thing. It actually rocks cause its got snippets from both album songs and b-sides. You should totally check it out and stuff. Also, I whipped up a quick little somethin-somethin out of the raw footage of our last webcast. Oh and I updated the gallery.
Nick. (11/24/08)
Sup. Stranded! 5 is out, so is the Studded Skies music video and single. Check those out, the single has a bonus thing added onto it fyi. I'm going to bed, night.
Nick. (11/18/08)
I just received a disc from AJ (aka the white knight; el genius if you may) with the original Warning:Issued KrispyKon webcast video converted from flash to god knows what filetype. Its editable though. Along with it was this nifty text file:
Original File: Broadcast0.flv
CONVERTED FILE: Broadcast0.wmv [use this one]
The audio is out of sync so be sure to sync
the audio up so that the crap does not hit the
also you may want to record the audio from the
original file use Real Player:
1:44hr of video - $0
1.36GB of Info - $0
Unsynced Audio/Video - $0
Converted with Questionable freeware - $0
Pinnacle Studios Crash - priceless
good luck...
your going to need it

PS: that DVD you gave me was ridiculous so I used
My own
Yum. Well the whole webcast'll be up soon fully edited. Have fun waiting :)
Nick. (10/2/08)
PS: Dunno what I'm on about? Click the picture at the top of the page.
We have a new series called Stranded! and the first episode is out now. It was filmed in the same style as GreenCo. and there will be five episodes total. For now. Also, KrispyKon got an iLike page and there is a new poll on their site to help garner opinions over which songs would make good singles. Check it all out!
Nick. (9/6/08)
PS. My birthdays on the 14th, I'm considering something big that you'll all enjoy.
KrispyKon's new single Anarchy has been released for free download here and the music video is viewable here. And remember, you can always purchase Greenwash from CDbaby or iTunes.
Greenwash is now officially for sale on and is on its way to iTunes as well! Check out this music video for the first single, Cloud 9, and download the single for FREE from the official KrispyKon website! Huzzah!
Nick. (7/03/08)
Whats up? Tengo mucho bueno... news. (That means I have some cool treats in store in Mexicanish.)
1. KrispyKon's Greenwash is mailed and on its way to CDbaby and iTunes. I'll let you know when.
2. Uh yeah, its getting hotter. And by that I mean summer, not climate crisis, although the latter is also certainly important. As we all know, summer = movies. ...their on their way.
3. I have updated the site. Check out or movies page or summat.
4. I have pasta. doesn't necessarily concern you but I'm excited.
So yeah, thats some cool beans stuff. Ttyl.
-Nick (6/25/08)
To help coincide with this fantastic holiday, I've created a contest of sorts. I've hidden a small picture of an Easter egg somewhere on this site, and the first person to email me at with its proper location will recieve a very special prize! :O Tis exciting. So start lookin.
Teh fien detials:
1. The picture is hidden only on a page on THIS SITE, no affiliated ones.
2. Contest expires May 1, 2008.
3. Frostbite Studios does not condone exactly what the prize is. But it is awesome.
4. If more than one person emails in, the prize goes to the first recieved email. Or I may just send out more than one prize.
Hello all. How is life going? Watching that phone bill? Good. I've been pretty inactive lately, sorry for that... I've been working very hard on KrispyKon stuff. Its a virtual band. I'll have like two albums and and ten videos up for them soon, for those of you who have heard the new album I'm working on one for Anarchy right now. If you want to hear them, please check them out here: Also keep an eye open for everything on THE IMPENDING list (found above.) Until then, STAY ALIVE ALL OF YOU.
---  AJ and I made a radio show.
Just updated the website. More stuff soon.
Alright, I have a lot to say. Get ready. First off, check out my youtube page. I have TWO brand-new videos up, the Funky Fighters minimovie 14 to celebrate July 4th and the first episode in the brand-new 4 Squared animated series. Check them out here: Second, you may or may not know this, but I have a lot coming for you guys. In addition to 4 Squared (mentioned above) I have FBRF: Frost Bite Radio Future coming (, the international release of KrispyKon's album Overstaying a Nonexistent Welcome soon (, the feature-length movie Modern Mark (, the upcoming Funky Fighters animated series (after 4 Squared) and new work from DJ Fo Skintley. More on those later. Third, I'm working on the online webshop and trying to get it up and running. Chances are it will come out with the KrispyKon CD and Modern Mark on DVD. If you want to see some of the stuff that may be accessable, check out the Retail Items Listings page and the Frostbite Studios Records page if it's still there. Hi Nikki!
This just in: KrispyKon has released their OFFICIAL WEBSITE. Check it out now and look forward to their album "Overstaying a Nonexistent Welcome" coming out worldwide alongside the FBS online shop later this month!
Well, what do you know! I got tired of being bombarded with purple and black bold text whenever I went to the Funky Fighters website. So now it's a splash page for the official Frostbite Studios website + links to every website Frostbite Studios is involved in! Woohoo!
Do not worry, Funky Fighter-esques. The original website is still accessable, and in museum-esque quality.
Well, it's that time of year again. The time for giving, and snow, and annoying family members from Michigan. No, it's not Thanksgiving. It's Chrismas! To celebrate, I have my very first VIRTUAL ADVENT CALENDAR for download on the downloads page in PowerPoint format. So happy holidays and Merry Christmas!*
*And Hanukkah and Kwanzaa!
PS: I'm building the online shop RIGHT NOW! Expect it out soon!
Happy Halloween! Or, as Cooler would say it, Happy Spooky Day! Please vote in this year's Halloween Costume Contest Thingy! Please! Details on webpage.
Well, I finally got over myself and got redid the retail shop page. Now it's actually showing the stuff I will sell to you. Including... (drum roll) the new Frostbite Theater: Volume 1 DVD! Hopefully, I will soon have my stuff for sale via PayPal.
In other news, September 14th is my birthday! YYYYYYAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!1 Send me a cake in the mail!
Wow. I've just done a major list of things to this site. LIST:
>Made effecient FBS records page
>Removed Stupid War Movie page
>Backed up a lot of data
>Organized crap
So yeah.
In other news, the Guy in Tights needs some more questions. Like, a lot more. I have no idea what he's doing, but he says it's going to be big. So help him out. Get some problems and ask his advice on them.
I finally made an OFFICIAL Frost Bite Radio Future website.
...or go to the FBRF page of this site to check it out!
After a weekend of camping, Frostbite Studios is back to work! For an update, my current list of things to do is:
1) Do work on FBRF. It's about 2/3 done.
2) Open an online store. I NEED PAYPAL!
3) Get more fans. Seriously, I need them.
So yeah. A quick update. Back to work!
Sorry for the not-update. The final episode of FLASH (ep. 3) is now out. Here it is:
In other news, the webstore is coming soon. It's gonna have the DVD, some shirts and other merch, and maybe some other things like games and music. I really do not know yet.
After a torturous week of waiting, FLASH episode 2 is finally out! Watch it here:
I have something really NEW and COOL to tell you: Frostbite Studios is making it's first-ever original anime series! It's called FLASH, and it's about a guy who can make things happen in a flash of light whenever he wants to! Watch the first episode throught the link below or head to the FLASH official webpage to the left!
Alright, I need to make this clear: the reason you cannot buy my stuff online is because, simply, I can't get all the copyrights. I burn my stuff to CD-R's, and I don't know whether you might copy and resell them for youself. Plus, I make a pretty good living just selling them to whoever just walks up asking to buy. I will have a DVD out soon, though. And it will be available through the web. More details on that later.
You may notice the sweet techno music on teh homepage. If not, that's probably because we removed it, and this isn't the homepage anymore. Stupid bandwidth/time. Anyway, it's the theme song for Frostbite Studios' newest video game, "Funky Fighters: Haunted Hotel." Check out the shop page for more info on the game, or play the demo on the downloads page. OH YEAH and the end of the year sale is over.
2 new news thingys now:
  1) KrispyKon released the special edition of It Fell from Below today. It's basically a CDVD with the Studded Skies music video, a bonus track and some other stuff. Check it out on their It Fell from Below page to teh left. OH and it's only a buck.
  2) We have new t-shirts, mugs and hats coming soon. I'll give you details eventually.
The Funky Shop is having an END OF THE YEAR SALE! Ends as soon as I say it does! Here's the prices:
Movies: $2.50
Games: $1.75
Music CD's: $0.25 off each
Comics: 3 for $0.50
Cards: Entire booster pack sets (12 cards; 4 rares, 8 commons) for $1.00
AND t-shirts for $15.00!
So head down there and get some!
HOORAY FOR YOUTUBE! I now have a account! Here it is: It doesn't have as much stuff as our one, but its still cool.
I have a new download in the downloads section. It is a free powerpoint offering info on KrispyKon; about them, what they look like, discographies, etc. Check it out!
I just did a lot of new stuff. Heres a list:
~A Stupid War Movie upcoming CDVD page
~KrispyKon: It Fell from Below new CD page
~Downloads page editing
Go check it all out!
Check it out, theres some pretty exclusive media on there!
The FBRF page is totally redone! It is now the OFFICIAL production website for Frost Bite Radio Future! Check it out to the left!
I replaced the old "D'Items, yo." page with a new Shop page! We now have ALL OUR MERCHANDISE LISTED, WITH SCREENSHOTS! Just hit the 'Shop' link to the left! =P
The Advice from a Guy in Tights page has undergone a complete makeover! You can now EMAIL HIM YOURSELF AND ASK HIM QUESTIONS! Just hit the link to the left!
Downloads are constantly being updated. Check out the downloads page through the piclink below!

Don't be afraid to read old news! In fact, some of it is pretty cool.

Everything on this site is copyright (c) 2005-2010 Nick Emard; Frostbite Studios.
Five years and counting!