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Earthen Sighs (CD) by The Icily Polite NEW!
Greenwash (CD) by KrispyKon (now known as The Icily Polite)
Cornbread (bonus disc version) by DJ Fo Skintley


Earthen Sighs (CD) by The Icily Polite
Experimental time signatures, four-part vocal harmonies, poetic lyrics, diverse instrumentation drawing from alternative rock, electronic music, latin jazz and orchestral music, and nine fictional, animated musicians. It's different, to say the least. Comes with beautifully illustrated lyrics, liner notes and artwork.
1. Suburban Pledge
2. Around the Lake
3. Paper Song
4. Fireworks (Stars in Blue)
5. La Luna
6. Seagreen Light
7. Ethereal
8. Concrete
9. Seagreen Light (acoustic demo)
10. Healthcare
11. An Edge Takes Shape
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Greenwash (CD) by KrispyKon
The debut album by animated band KrispyKon, characterized by driving melodies and beautiful speculations about life and love. Includes lush illustrated artwork and liner notes.
1. Cloud 9
2. Anarchy
3. Studded Skies
4. Flood
5. Rebel
6. Nature Sounds
7. Disciple
8. Come Back
9. Arctic Thesis
10. Beautiful Eyes
11. All Hail the King
12. Unify 7
13. Conclusion: Inconclusive
14. El Cielo/Prophet
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Cornbread bonus disc version by DJ Fo Skintley
The one and only solo record from KrispyKon's DJ and MC DJ Fo Skintley. Combines outlandish rapping with skewered beats, all wrapped up in juicy full-colour album artwork and topped off with a second disc of b-sides and remixes as well as a LEGO figurine of DJ Fo Skintley himself!
1 Mixtapes
2 Chicken Abortion
3 Arch of Headband [feat. KrispyKon]
4 Church Bells
5 The Despair of Edgar Sharware
6 Ode to a Lumbersquiggle
7 Senor Trenchcoat [skit]
8 Rock It Out [feat. KrispyKon]
9 Mike Lobotomy
10 Premonition [feat. KrispyKon]
11 Something to Say
12 Cornbread
13 Skintley Symphony
    B. Classical
    A. Rock
    C. Hip Hop
    O. Electronic
    N. Other
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