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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions? Please do not hesitate to contact me on the left.

Q: I say, what's this all about?
A: Frostbite Studios.
Q: What's that?
A: Independant music, animations and films.
Q: Oh. Cool.
A: Thanks. You should check out some videos.
Q: And what are these videos you speak of?
A: Like I said, I make videos. You can watch them in the movies section or on my youtube channel.
Q: You have lots, what should I watch?
A: If you like comedy, check out GreenCo., 4 Squared or Stranded! If you like music I recommend anything with The Icily Polite or KrispyKon in the title.
Q: I have 45 minutes to burn, what do you have for me?
A: Well I made this 45-minute long short film called Danny Dreamland which we think is pretty funny.
Q: We?
A: Myself and anyone who has watched it.
Q: Wtf is with this video Here's an Egg?
A: It was Easter when I made that.
Q: Wait... this is just one person?
A: Unless you count friends in various movies and webcasts, then yes, this is all one person.
Q: Sweet! Who are you?
A: Thanks. My name is Nick.
A: To promote my virtual band The Icily Polite (then called KrispyKon) I used to have musical performace-based live webcasts.
Q: Thats neato torpedo how do you do that?
A: We haul a bunch of music equipment into my friend AJ's media room and perform in front of a giant screen with webcams.
Q: So, like, what's The Icily Polite?
A: My pretty cool indie virtual band.
Q: Virtual band?
A: Click here. It'll tell you what a virtual band is.
Q: Oh neat. Where can I get their music?
A: Click here. It'll take you to their website.
Q: Wait does that have anything to do with that thing KrispyKon?
A: The Icily Polite used to be called KrispyKon, but they changed their name.
Q: I see. So how do you make video games?
A: With Microsoft PowerPoint. But I don't do that much anymore.
Q: What about comic books?
A: I would hand draw them, but again I don't do that much anymore. I made a colouring book recently though.
Q: Oh thats cool. How can I keep up with all these shenanigans?
A: Check the front page of my site, its got my blog, Cold Frozen Isle, embedded in there.
Q: Cold Frozen Isle?
A: That's the name of my blog.
Q: Oh.
A: Yeah. Thanks for checking all this out btw. You're real cool for that.
Q: Ajgie;barfhbgarebrsdbg;arbabg;rafbafdgvnisozSPAMSPAMSPAMmuffins
A: You're cool.
Q: Why hello fine gentleman, can I interest you in some p3n1s extend3rz or maybe some real live giraffe pr0n?
A: Where do I sign?

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