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Welcome to my Shop page! Here I have all of my products (except those exclusive to ) listed for you're browsing into two easy sections (DVD's and games). Demos/trailers are available on the previews/demos web page to the left. Enjoy!
Note: Anything priced $2.00 can be added to the same disk as another item priced $2.00 for just $1.00 more. Just say 'Multidisk!'
Also note that this is a retail shop (as in, not available via teh internet.) I promise to open up an internet shop with the release of the DVD, okay?
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DVD's (just one for now) :


Frostbite Theater: Volume 1 DVD
This is Frostbite Studios' first-ever DVD. It comes with over an hour and a half of content, including 20 minimovies and special features only available on the DVD! Here is a list of all the movies:
-A Day in the Shower
-Funky Fighters minimovies 0, 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10
-The Geico Gecko meets Smitty the Lumbersquiggle
-FLASH episodes 1-3
-A Stupid War Movie
-Studded Skies music video
-AJ Interview 2 (Totem Poles) video
-Hyper music video
-Her-She's mission
-The New Director
-Advice from a Guy in Tights
In addition, the DVD also includes a secret bonus disc with over 15 minutes of all-new exclusive content!
Price: $5.00 ($4.00 if you formerly bought the ASWM cdvd)

*  *  *


Funky Fighters: Haunted Hotel
When Dude, Vikki and Cooler get locked inside a creepy hotel with a bunch of ghostlike concierges and maids, they have no choice but to hold their own. Play as Dude and try to figure out the mystery of Haunt's Hotel, with plenty of Funky Fights, explorable environments and secret passages along the way!
Price: $2.00
Demo on downloads page!


Funky Fighters: Homework Peril
YOU play as Dude, and go throughout a school day: choose-your-own-adventure, RPG style! Along the way you will encounter many obstacles, such as a challenge from Rokky, an unfinished science report due Last Period, and most of all, finding out where the heck Cooler is!
Price: $2.00


Halo: Ultimate CTF
You have definitely heard of the popular HALO Xbox game series. Well, we decided to take the Blood Gulch (or whatever they renamed it for Halo 2) level on Capture The Flag and make it mini enough for PowerPoint! Play in a sim-multiplayer game of CTF and blast the Covenant like never before! Plus, get the ultimate prize (the flag, duh) and beat them once and for all!
Price: $2.00


Lego Adventurer
Wander through a Lego town and hunt down all of the secret pictures (theres about 7). Each street has more streets coming off of it, and those have more streets, and those more, and the ones off of those may lead back to a previous street! A great adventure game!
Price: $2.00


Lego Confed
Have you ever wanted to go beyond the limits of battle? Explore the worlds featured in the hit FBS Confed series? Maybe play as medic Techie, or the evil Luthor Ak? Then heres you're chance! Featuring 4 exclusive levels, 10 playable characters and 4 unlockable mystery characters, Lego Confed lets you go beyond the missions in Confeds 1/2 to truly explore each planet!
Price: $2.00
Demo available on downloads page!

All products available at the Funky Shop. Stop by sometime!

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Five years and counting!